Anthony Shopa aka Young Leg does UCL Predictions pt. 1

Basel Vs. Manchester City: Lets start off with an easy one real quick after what is now a typical performance from city in the 17/18 season, City came into Basel gets four away goals in what I can say a match that nobody was surprised by. The only thing that really surprised me was that they did not win by more and play a shit ton of young guys, but I assume they will save that for the home leg which they will once again win.

Prediction: 3-1 City, City advances to next round (Yes I am hoping Basel can score at least once for fucks sake)

Juventus Vs. Tottenham: So with all the hype from the Madrid-PSG matchup I think people didn’t get to see what was a super exciting 90 minutes of football with Juve going up two in the first fifteen minutes of the match, Higuain was the man of the match for me up until he botched his hat trick missing the second penalty he was awarded. Tottenham had a great recovery this match after going down early and scored twice in Turin to give them the edge in away goals on a team that is never easy to score on. Granted do not get too excited Spurs fans because Juventus was missing their star and number ten Dybala who will be in England for the second leg as well as the Frenchman Matuidi who has adapted to this Juve system so quickly.

Prediction: 2-0 Juventus, Juventus Advances

Real Madrid Vs. Paris St.-Germain: This is without a doubt in my mind one of the best match ups I have seen in a round of sixteen. These two power houses, with all the money and glimmering stars on the pitch you know it had to be a special game. Madrid came in and did what Madrid does when it comes to European competition, a lot of people wrote off Madrid because of the shitty start to their season but since 2018 start Ronaldo decided its time to start campaigning for that next Balon D’or and he delivered along with the young blood Marco Asensio with two beautiful assists to give Madrid a 3-1 win in spain. Rabiot was probably man of the match for me if Ronaldo didn’t have two goals, but with the Neymar injury I don’t smell enough of  a comeback for PSG as they take on the giants of Europe at home down 3-1. The only question is will we see the paris captain for this second leg since he was dropped in spain. Emery’s job is also on the line. You know Madrid has been playing better away from home this year with only 3 away loses all season, so PSG has some work to do.

Prediction: 3-1 Madrid, Madrid Advances

FC Porto Vs. Liverpool: I do not plan on talking long about this matchup since another English side who has looked extremely dangerous this year went into Porto and absolutely smashed them, Salah you did not get enough credit for juggling it over the goalie but at the same time shame on you for making them feel even worse. Liverpool are coming back to Anfield up 5-0, I see no way back for Porto I think it’s a good time for Klopp to experiment a bit and give his guys some champions league action who haven’t seen any and to prepare for the next round.

Prediction: 2-0 Liverpool, Liverpool Advances

Beskitas Vs. Bayern Munich: Another game where there was no surprises no David vs. Goliath story just Bayern Munich doing what they do, on their own turf. You can’t come into Munich with any type of mindset besides thinking well shit maybe we can sneak an away goal and they won’t score too much, this looked like it was going well until Mueller and Lewangoalski decided fuck this shit yall are getting smashed. Bayern is going to head out to Turkey with a five goal lead and this tie seems to be all wrapped up, I don’t see Beskitas with an answer for Bayern or the 5 goal lead they already have, I think its about getting young guys more experience, or just putting up a respectable fight and not getting shit on at home.

Prediction: 3-0 Bayern, Bayern Advances

Shakhtar Donetsk Vs. Roma: Alright I am going to be honest ever since Shakhtar came out against city and balled I have been impressed with them but there was no way I saw them beating Roma like they did but they proved themselves at home winner 2-1 they have some of the wildest fans I have ever seen, which is fantastic as a club for other teams to be scared of your fans (shit look at Philadelphia) and they put on a show for them as Roma who are definitely missing Salah right now were just happy to get out of there with an away goal. Roma has been in some shaky form but with the power houses they have and the surprising talent that seems to be popping up for them in Italy I do not think Shakhtar will be able to hold on to this lead and see their way to the next round.  Also just want to mention Nainggolan with the red Mohawk…. Scary as fuck.

Prediction: 2-0 Roma, Roma Advances

Sevilla Vs. Man United: Finally the game where Mourinho pretty much gave a big “Fuck You” to Paul Pogba, and in my opinion United fans everywhere by not starting the 100 million dollar man. You know what he paid for it yes he did sub on Paul pretty early but to waste a sub because you were too stubborn to start your best fucking player, regardless what the media is saying about him and his form that does not really matter he is one of the best players on the planet if you want to be successful and keep your job put him on the field. That being said David DeGea once again proving his is the best goalkeeper in the world right now with his unbelievable saves a point blank header from like 5 yards away less than a second to react… this man is incredible and yes he is about to get paid cause United’s defense is very poor he has been saving their ass the past 4 years by himself. That being said the big guns for United did not show up in Spain, Lukaku looking lazy as hell, Alexis doing his arsenal thing for united, and Pogba coming off the bench its hard to really get going when you don’t have your managers 100 percent faith, Juan Mata looks confused out there, just nothing seemed to be going right luckily Sevilla had the same problems facing DeGea. I’m sure Park the Bus Mou was completely happy with a tie and United can be alright with a tie as long as they show up at Old Trafford. Sevilla is a team that has always been pretty successful in European competition so they are not going to make it easy.

Prediction: 2-1 Manchester United, United Advances.

Chelsea Vs. Barcelona

It would seem to me that Chelsea is Barcelona’s biggest threat when it comes to European competition. They constantly give us some of the most memorable battles in the history of the UCL. But finally after many showdowns Messi was able to score that crucial goal everyone’s been waiting for against Chelsea to equalize, after Willians brilliant strike that gave Chelsea the lead just 10 minutes before. Now if you look at the stat sheet you see that Barca pretty much dominated the game with possession, passes, and blah, blah Barca usually does this Tiki Taka football, but if you watched it ( if you didn’t the fuck were you doing…) you would say that Chelsea looked like the more lethal side with the counter attacking, pace, and creativity from their front three of Willian, Hazard, and Pedro. Now this is a side that has seen and uses a lot of Spanish football, so when Barca came into London they are a bit more prepared than other top level teams to face them ( shit they took enough players from barca) So this match being as exciting as it was came as no shock to me and Barca left London with an away goal and the edge in a 1-1 draw as the head back to Camp Nou. Now as much as I would love to see both of these teams be eliminated going into Camp Nou while Barca has that crucial away goal is not going to be an easy ordeal even with the Spaniards being comfortable there. But with the unbeaten streak still being alive… good luck Chelsea.

Prediction: 2-0 Barcelona, Barcelona Advances

Now all we can do is wait and see how I am a master fortuneteller and I am always right, even when I’m wrong I’m right. 50 Percent of the time every time I am right.

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