Andy Reid and Arsene Wenger are the Greatest Regular Season Coaches of All Time and Why That’s a Problem

Let’s talk about consistency. Everyone loves someone who’s consistent. Show’s up to work on time. Does his job. Picks up the kids. Yadayadayada. They do what they are asked to do. Consistency is good don’t get me wrong but let’s not get it twisted. Consistency is not greatness. For example, let’s say you have a C+ significant other who is there for you seven days a week and is just meh. They take out the trash, will occasionally take you out to dinner, and just  hit the bare minimum. Now let me ask you if you had a partner who was an A+ who sweeps you off your feet and makes you feel like you’ve never felt before but only for a few days a week, who would you choose? I would choose greatness every time without batting an eye. This now brings me to the two men who have defined that meaning of consistency, Andy Reid and Arsene Wenger.

Before I begin I would like to state that I have the utmost respect for both these men.  As an Arsenal and Philadelphia Eagles fan, both these men have brought great joy into my life. During my lifetime I was able to see an NFC Championship flag raised in Lincoln Financial Field under Andy Reid and several FA Cups lifted in the Emirates which gave me amazing memories and feelings of pure euphoria. The buck stops here though.

Andy and Arsene do something that can trick fans with their consistency. Andy Reid will always make you playoff viable and Arsene Wenger will always get you that top four spot in the Premier League, up till last year which ended the 21 year streak. This fools the fans into believing that these are two successful managers but doesn’t show the underlying true problems that exist.Yes, both men will get you to the playoff or into the Champions League but you will most certainly crash and burn out of those competitions. Andy Reid in Philadelphia lost 4 out of 5 NFC Championships and for the one he did win, he was embarrassed by the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Arsene Wenger with these 21 years of consistently in the Champions League has only managed to find himself in just one final and lost to Barcelona off an “alleged” offside goal by Samuel Eto'o in 2006.

All I have to do is look at recent developments in both men’s careers and see consistent mediocrity. Andy Reid crashing and burning out of the playoffs against the underdog Tennessee Titans in the first round. Arsene Wenger’s side crashing and really burning out of the FA Cup against Nottingham Forest, the competition that’s usually their bread and butter. Arsenal constantly crashing out of final 16 in the Champions League by the usual suspect. Kansas City Chiefs having only one playoff win in the time Andy has been there. Andy Reid is only behind Belichick in terms of wins and Arsene sits only behind Sir Alex, two GOATS of the game, but is this enough?

Andy Reid and Arsene Wenger will keep you relevant and always in the hunt. They’ll get you to the playoffs or to the top four and into the Champions League, but should fans be satisfied with that? No. Again if you are fine with consistency and what that entails then these two managers are the guys for you. If you’re fine with a C+ partner, all the time, then date Wenger and Reid. They will never get you over that hump and take you to the next level, at least in the latter years of their career. A shake up like what Chelsea has done with Antonio Conte or what the LA Rams, ironically the same owner as Arsenal, did with Sean Mcvey is in order. Fans want that A+ partner even if it’s for a short amount of time. Fan’s want excellence when it counts, not consistent mediocracy.  There needs to be demands made by the fans in order to strive for greatness from their respected teams and these two men are not fit to take them to greatness.

Andy Reid and Arsene Wenger are the greatest regular season coaches of all time and it’s a problem.