EPL Week 12 Bets Baby!


Allllllrighty then! The Lads we’re unable to do their week 12 predictions because I’m off marrying my friends and getting down with the lord this weekend.

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So as a special treat I’m telling you guys my picks for week 12 and hopefully make you and me some sweet cash baby! I went 3 for 3 last weekend with my Leicester, Tottenham, and Huddersfield picks so lets all take advantage of my hot hand.

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Pick Numba 1: Burnley +632


Burnley at +632 are you fricken kidding me!!!! Leicester City coming off an emotional win and essentially drained. You have scrappy Burnley making this a must win after a disappointing start to the season. This is the perfect storm and with those odds you can throw a fiver on this bad boy and come away with some sweet winnings friendo. Burnley isn’t that bad come on!

Pick Numba 2: Wet Ham +129

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This was one hurts me. I love the Terriers, they are really good boys. I was given goosebumps by their first win of the season last week against Fulham but harsh reality has to sweep back in. West Ham coming off a dominant performance where they put away 4 goals against a “tough” Burnley side! I think Huddersfield blew their load to early in no nut november and West Ham behind Arnautivic and Chichi are going to lay waste to these pups.

Pick Numba 3: Man City -268

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OH YOU THOUGHT I WASNT GOING TO TOUCH THE MANCHESTER DERBY. Well listen here bud I hate betting on super favorites but this is probably the best odds you are gonna get on City all year. At -268 you are going to have put some serious cash to get anything out of it and that’s okay because I consider this a confirmation bet. Even if you lose all your other bets you can guarantee a big old dub for this one at least. This is why.

For starters talent. Man City is playing electric exciting football right now which is a far cry from whatever Jose Mourinho is doing with his squad. If you look at starting 11s it’s not even close at this point and that’s without Kevin de Bruyne. Yes, Man City are all essentially clones of each other and play the same way but when their just bashing sides and putting up NFL scores on teams it’s nothing to bat an eye at.

Second Jose Mourinho feels really confident right now. Pep wants to destroy every fiber of Jose who’s coming off a lucky win against Juventus, not my words. Jose is once again this season going to be humbled by a manager who’s adapted to this new style of play and leave him in his old archaic ways.

I allegedly placed a 50 burger on this jawn sooooo if I’m wrong…I’m suffering right there with ya fam! So let’s get this bread and drip. That’s what the cool kids are saying I’m told.

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By: Kevin Pettit