Former Skinhead Hardo From Florida Wants To Bring Hooliganism To The US

Jesus H just look at this guy


VICE UK - “The US doesn't have great form when it comes to football hooliganism. Besides, of course, American journalist Bill Buford's Among the Thugs – arguably the definitive book on the topic – the first things that come to mind are: Green Street, the Little Britain sketch of a hooligan movie; and the time those MLS fans threw rubbish bags at each other in New York.

Still, this hasn't deterred Florida-based Derek "Diablo" Alvarez from founding the "Miami Casuals" and posting WWE-style call-outs of British hooligan firms on social media. His best-known video features him, dressed in casuals clothing, goading Millwall's firm with the words: "You want to act like the hardest gang in the whole world, brother? How come you ain't never come down to Miami or South Florida?"

Strange as it might seem, Alvarez has managed to gain respect from some within the UK hooligan community for his passion and enthusiasm for terrace culture and all things football violence-related.”

Okay before I begin can we just take a minute to admire how much of a douchebag this guy really is.

Wow I thought my tattoos were bad.

Wow I thought my tattoos were bad.

Tank with the lamb chops. NICE!

Tank with the lamb chops. NICE!

Actually love the fit here with the adidas but very Eurotrash.

Actually love the fit here with the adidas but very Eurotrash.

Vice, who used to do great news, decided to do a piece about this Floridian man who wants to bring hooliganism to the United States. I really thought this was an Onion article guys I swear. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard at something so series, probably the memes about Marcos Alonso’s lawyer tbh.

I don’t think this guy truly understands that hooliganism or violence is never the answer to increasing soccer popularity in America, let alone solving anything. I mean come on dude we just had MLK day on Monday, well actually he is a former skinhead so that probably wouldn’t matter that much to him. Does this guy not understand that hooliganism has been essentially outlawed in the U.K. and if you are caught being apart of these firms you get a lifetime ban from the club. I would assume not.

Let me just lay out my favorite parts of this article which were L A U G H O U T L O U D funny.

  1. The fact that he is from Florida.

  2. His nickname or whatever is “Diablo”. GOD HE’S SO HARD.

  3. The fact that he is calling out real hooligan firms like Millwall and expecting them to fly all the way to the putrid state which is Florida to fight him and his “gang”

  4. He prefers “forest fighting” to “pub fighting”. okay….


By: Kevin J. Pettit, Host of Loud Americans Discussing Soccer