West Brom with the Greatest Cucking of all Time

If you are unaware of the meaning of cucking, made popular by Barstool Sports, then let me try and enlighten you. To be “cucked” is to allow someone else, most times an alpha male, take full advantage over you and stealing your lady. Example: Wow I was hitting it off with this girl but this jacked dude came over and she kissed him right in my face. I just got cucked. Simple as that.

West Brom was that dude. West Brom, who has only won FOUR games this entire season, came out and stunned everyone with this cucking. Man City fans were probably sitting at home hiding their old jerseys from their previous favorite teams or day dreaming about their rich history of 8 years but found themselves at the threshold of the greatest cuck in Premier League history. They received the update like all of us that Jay Rodriguez had put West Brom up 1-0 at Old Trafford and that if the score stood that City would be crowned champions of England.

All I can say is WOW. West Brom knew for a good cucking they needed to make the story about themselves. The Bromies knew that the City fans wouldn’t be together to celebrate it, the players’ scattered all over Europe most likely, and Pep would be just chilling on a golf course. No room to celebrate and just a total let down of a celebration that could have been if City had actually won it on their own after a match.

West Brom took the wind out of City celebrating and made the story about themselves, like a good cucking should be. When I remember this season all I will remember is that West Brom won the Premier League for City, a team who is 100% doomed to be relegated, beat the team that humiliated them the week prior at their own stadium. Way to go Bromies.

P.S. #TeamPulis