French Soccer Player does Blackface. It goes just as well as you'd think.


I can’t believe I’m sitting here literally two weeks from 2018 and we’re still dealing with white people doing blackface. Last night Antoine Griezmann, star striker for Atletico Madrid and the French National team, decided to go to a costume party as a Harlem Globetrotter. To get the full effect he had an afro, full uniform, and it appears had dipped himself into a vat of black paint. Also before I get into this major fuck up can we talk about the sociopath having an 80s costume party in late it’s Christmas season come on guys this could have been easily avoided.

Moving back to this fucking idiot. Let’s start with the basics. It is not okay to wear an other races skin as a costume. Pretty basic right? The only time I’ve found it generally acceptable was Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder where the movie itself adresses how fucked up it is and makes fun of people who do this. Jamie Foxx even gave Mr. Downey his blessing of the portrayal on the Joe Rogan Podcast.

Antoine tried to play it off as to tell people to relax and that he was simply trying to show the much respect he has for the Harlem Globetrotters and love of basketball. Cool Antoine. We get how much you love basketball but to go full on black...I mean jesus dude. Is there fucking anyone around him saying, “ Uhhhhh dude probably not the best idea.” This is the problem with modern super star athletes, they are surrounded by nothing but fake yes men and not at least one person to call them out on their bullshit. My biggest takeaway from this is not that Antoine is racist but that he literally has no real friends.

This is also perpetuated by the fact that he plays for a mainly all black French National team, like I keep screaming in my head COME ON DUDE. “Hey man, Pogba and I dab all the time haha…” - Probably Griezmann

Also this is another day I love Twitter and the internet because he got absolutely obliterated.Everyone and their mother came at Antoine’s neck and I took sweet pleasure watching it unfold kind of like the Joker watching the money burn.My only problem with the media is the Spanish media not really seeing any wrongdoing from the reports I’ve read and condoning this act. This is pretty shocking when ya know Europe has an entire campaign called SAY NO TO RACISM.

Antoine has since deleted the post and sent out an apology. Antoine, I hope you’ve learned that the internet does not forget and that this will be part of you forever. Sooooo nice one. In my opinion I didn’t think I could think less of you after blowing two Champions League and a Euros final but god damn thanks for proving me wrong! Expect immediate transfer to Sunderland shortly.