Jose Mourinho: All the Money in the World

After dropping even more points against Burnley on Tuesday it seems as though Mourinho has picked his usual tactic of deflecting anything that actually happened on the field. Manchester United came back from a 2-0 deficit and if it wasn’t for the clinical finishing by Jesse Lingard it would seem that a full Mourinho breakdown would have been in order. Instead he decided to take shots at other teams in the Prem instead of taking responsibility for the state of the Manchester club.

Following the match Mourinho responded to a media members comments that included reminding him that Manchester United has dropped eight points in their past five matches. The media member essentially implying if this was acceptable of a club of Manchester United’s stature.

“One thing is a big club and another thing is a big football team. They are two different things,” he responded. “We are in the second year of trying to rebuild a football team that is not one of the best teams in the world. Manchester City buy full-backs for the price of strikers. When you speak about big football clubs, you are speaking about the history of the club.”

Mourinho obviously referring to the blockbuster deal that was Kyle Walker’s transfer from Tottenham to City over the summer which shook waves in the transfer market in terms of how valuable a defender can really go for in the open market. I mean I’m not gonna go into the hypocrisy of dropping thirty million pounds for Victor Lindelof but that’s besides the point.

When reminded that Mourinho has almost spent three hundred million since arriving at Manchester United he replied with, “It’s not enough. And the price for the big clubs, the price for the big clubs, the price for the big clubs is different from the other clubs. So the big, historical clubs are normally punished in the market for that history.”

Jose Mourinho’s post match comments should not come to anyone’s surprise anymore. The man is a master of deception and has a history of misleading the media going as far back at his times at Porto. This not enough money is a load of bull shit and I Jose should be reminded just two years ago of the miracle that was Leicester City. Not only that but the past two Chelsea teams to win the league didn’t break the bank either.

Jose doesn’t want to admit that in his last three matches he has been outclassed by clubs that, asides Leicester but not far off, are worth 1/10th of that of his Manchester side. That he has been outclassed and tactically outwitted this season by teams on paper he should be extracting three points from. Pogba being out can’t be used anymore. Lukaku’s continuing struggles. A defense that looks lost. The excuses have ran out.

We have seen glimpses of third season Mourinho this season which includes meltdowns, blaming the players, and deflecting the media away from the problems that are at the heart of the club but it seems we’re due for even more as the season progresses. Ed Woodward, vice-chairman of Manchester United, better open up his wallet this January if he wants to appease a moody Jose.

All I can say is that, Jose I don’t think all the money in the world could solve the problems you are having as of now.