MicroBlog: NBC Gold is a Teaser for Net Neutrality and it's all Bullshit

Ya know I woke up yesterday excited that I got a double fill of Premier League games in a week, Pulisic won USMNT player of the year,  I mean duh, and that the World Cup is like 6 months away. Of course it got fucking ruined by knowing I’m going to have to pay for porn probably. Not only that but literally there is possibly going to be a monopoly on all my favorite websites. Paying for shit that should be free, especially porn. Now this brings me to NBC Gold.


This was my first taste of capitalist bull shit and has prepared me for Net Neutrality. Martin and I have been beefing with NBC, via twitter/podcast, and how they come off as wanting to promote soccer culture in America but WON’T show all the games! Way to go guys literally shooting yourself in the fucking foot. Having a Saturday matchup where the main match will be an awesome one like Liverpool v. Man City but I have to pay more for like Manchester United v. West Brom. When everyone in America is a fucking Manchester United fan it makes no sense and fucks them over. So any way thank you NBC Gold for loosening me up to get fucked over by Net Neutrality so thanks guys!