FIFA Sucks More than Usual and Why You Should be Pissed Off

Okay yall so in FIFA’s ever evolving, improving stupidity is yet again the big news in the soccer world.  In a single act of brilliant stupidity, FIFA has managed to piss off viewers, players, and common sense at home and worldwide.  FIFA announced today that the 2022 World Cup will be held from November 21 to December 18th.  Let’s talk about this. 

So you know that quote “That’s future me problems, fuck that guy”?  I don’t know if it’s a real quote but Kev and I say that all the time.  Well FIFA just lived that life and now future FIFA is current FIFA and they fucked up BIG.  Back in the good old Sepp Blatter days, somehow FIFA was shockingly corrupt and wasn’t held accountable till around 2015 when the Swiss opened an investigation into corruption and money laundering during the 2018 and 2022 World Cup Decision (#ThankYouSwitzerland).  Well it was damning and ended up with Sepp Blatter resigning/prosecuted and the whole nine along with a bunch of his cronies.   Even though all this drama went down and FIFA was embroiled in scandal, it was still decided to hold the World Cup in Qatar in 2022.  Now let’s talk about fucking Qatar hosting the World Cup.

It is bad for a number of reasons but I want to highlight 3 specific reasons that just send me over the edge. 

Number 1: It interrupts every single fucking league in the world. Yes, all the leagues around the world (except the Premier League, cuz they the hardest) have winter breaks, but this World Cup is from November and ending literally a day before the START of winter break for all the other leagues.  So it’s totes fine on face value, cool, the players get a long rest after the World Cup, but what the happens to the league?  Are the Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue Un, Serie A just gonna take two fucking whole months off from soccer?  I’m not sure about you, but I know that there is a certain momentum teams build throughout the season and having a damn 2 month break in the middle of the season is just bullshit.  Then you go to the EPL, who doesn’t have a winter break, and FIFA just thinks its totes fine for them to throw a major tournament into the mix during the season? Like we’ve talked about how dumb the international break is many times on the pod and at bars, but instead of a two game international break, now there is a fully fledged mother fucking tournament in the middle.  The logistics of this is absolutely idiotic and FIFA has effectively thrown regular season soccer into turmoil due to their corruption and inability to deal with said corruption.  Unreal.

Number 2: THE INJURIES.  Look again, we’ve talked about this shit on the podcast.  There’s a certain correlation to injuries and international break.  When top level teams go up against small teams in friendlies, it seems like almost every time at least a couple will come back in a cast due to some idiot rugby tackling them because they can’t defend at the highest level.  Well now instead of 4 games of this spread throughout a couple months, imagine a tournament of 48 teams.  We’ve already seen the level of play from certain teams (cough cough Saudi Arabia) in a 32 team tournament.  Well be ready to add 16 more shittier teams to that list yall.  With 48 teams the level of play quality dips (can’t argue that shit PC lovers) and there will be more fouls and injuries.  Also there will be some teams (teams with the best players) that have to play upwards of 8 games in a month so when they come back from break they will be utterly exhausted.  So if you don’t play in the EPL, lucky you, you have a month to recover before returning to league play after two months.  If you play in the EPL, well I heard PEDs are making a rise again so there’s an option. 

Number 3: IT SHOULD NOT BE IN QATAR IN THE FIRST PLACE.  Repeat after me FIFA, “I’m a stupid corrupt sandwich.”  Thanks Gordon Ramsey for that.  Look I just told yall that FIFA is a corrupt group especially in the Sepp Blatter days and choosing Qatar as a World Cup host was a result of that corruption.  13 of the 22 officials in FIFA who voted for Qatar to be the host have now been prosecuted, jailed, suspended, or banned from soccer for life.  So half of the votes should not even count.  This came to light in 2015 after the Swiss exposed em.  So the smart thing to do would be a recall and choose another venue, well not in the eyes of FIFA.  So Qatar goes ahead even though it was chosen by guilty parties.  Another reason Qatar should not be the host; IT’S A FUCKING DESERT.  Maybe if you can’t play soccer in a certain environment, YOU SHOULDN’T PLAY SOCCER IN THAT ENVIRONMENT AND DEF DON’T CHOOSE THAT PLACE AS THE WORLD CUP HOST.  Idiots. Morons.  Like you don’t see Hockey World Championships playing in South Africa for a reason.  Look, I’m not saying I’m smarter than everyone in FIFA but I’m smart enough to know we probably shouldn’t have the biggest tournament in the world in a desert where temperatures are like this:


And my final reason Qatar should not be hosting the World Cup in the first place is that well they have, let’s say a well documented history of using slave labor to build the stadiums.  Yeah fucking slaves.  Idk bout yall, but if I’m a multinational international organization, it’s probably not a good look for the organization and seeing as FIFA has charities you’d think they’d be able to say maybe we shouldn’t support a fucking country that uses slaves to build stadiums that will probably never used again. 

TL;DR: Fuck FIFA and Qatar


PS: yeah this article is obviously biased against FIFA but if ya can’t root for what you believe in then well idk what you can do.  If anyone truly supports this move to winter months, DM us and inform us cuz I wanna hear that shit. 

-- Martin F.