Could you imagine spending thousands of dollars and traveling thousands of miles to watch a cup final for your favorite club and not be able to see the players? Yeah me either but UEFA does not care.

They don’t care about the players:


The fans:


All they care about is money and it’s obvious. Why do you think they picked Azerbaijan? A country with an exorbitant amount of corruption and human rights violations.

This game had the atmosphere of a ICC summer friendly and probably had to do with UEFA picking a stadium with a massive track for some god awful reason.

I mean just look at what a fans front row seats looked like:

front seats.PNG

IS THIS A STADIUM FOR ANTS??? You were better off just staying at home at this point if this is your view but even then you needed a pair of binoculars to see any type of play.

Well cheers to UEFA for another year of debauchery and let’s all just get excited for next year’s venue:


- Author: Kevin Pettit, 25, Founder/Host of Loud Americans Discussing Soccer and Owner of Arsenal FC