Cagliari's History of Racism

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What an absolute joke. I’ve never strayed away from calling out Italian racist bullshit but god damn like a 3 year out of college sorority girl saying no laws when drinking claws, I can’t help but find myself obsessed with this horrible subject. So let’s break down all these instances mentioned above and the pUnIsHmEnT that was brought down on Cagliari. Spoiler: It’s none.


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Complains about racist chanting and gets shown a card…MAKES SENSE TO ME. The guy pleaded with the referee like “DUDE, are you hearing this shit????” Ref said play on and don’t talk to the crowd lolol what a complete prick. No punishment was given to Cagliari. Let’s move on.

2018 Part 1:

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The Italian referee and Italian match observers ALLEGEDLY did not hear any racial abuse…okayyy then. This was just coming off Juventus’ victory over Verona who were in fact punished for racial abuse against Matuidi but you know you can’t punish two clubs in two weeks that wouldn’t be fair. God, this is brutal to go through. We press on.

2018 Part 2:

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Moise Kean, future Everton legend, tried to shove it back in these piece of shit fans faces by celebrating a goal in front of them after during monkey chants and now HE’S THE ASSHOLE!!! No, not the Italian racist fans that would be crazy. When you’re own teammate doesn’t have your back like what can you even do? Head to the Toffees baby!!! Get the fuck out of Serie A that’s what I’m talking about. Also what dirt does Cagliari have on the Serie A President? Just wondering.


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Now, I’m going to be honest. I did not see this coming. Your own fans telling you that MONKEY CHANTS being aimed at you is some type of way of showing respect???!!! Guys, rewrite the history books because I must have been misinterpreting racism over the past 100 of years. I mean come on Romelu, can’t you see that Cagliari fans love you.

I’m not sure if any type of punishment will come down on the fans or clubs but let’s just say if you’ve made it this far you kind of know where this is going. This blog really takes a lot out of me. I’ve been so worn down by this constant racism coming out of Serie A and especially Cagliari that I’m almost numb to it anymore but I can’t be. Serie A needs to drop the hammer on one of these clubs because if not I don’t find myself having any need to continue with this Italian History X bullshit. Well, that’s it.

By: Kevin j. Pettit - Host of Loud Americans Discussing Soccer Podcast