99% of Transfer Rumors are All Bullshit and Clickbait.


Myself and many others love the transfer windows, the anticipation for seeing who our favorite teams and our rivals get is very exciting to me. However, if youʼre a fan of these rumors, you know all too well that if you read an article about a transfer, thereʼs literally a 99% chance itʼs all bullshit. Writers will make up anything to get clicks, they will write the most convoluted transfer possible just to get attention, and itʼs ruining the transfer windows for us fans of them. Now I donʼt know who to believe about a transfer, and most of them I just write off as the aforementioned bullshit, since theyʼre probably fake anyway. Look at Hazard, heʼs been rumored to leave Chelsea for Real Madrid for about 3 seasons now, and JUST finally got his transfer. How about one that was going around recently: Sergio Ramos to Liverpool. Obviously that would never happen in a million years, so itʼs pretty apparent it was made for clickbait. I sourced some of the communities favorite transfers from our Discord server, so here they are and here are some of my personal al own.

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Ah, the quintessential City rumor, Messi to Man City. This one was a personal favorite of mine, as city has had about 250 players linked to them in the last 5 seasons, and Messi being one of them. I really donʼt need to explain how moronic this is. Also, no Brian, that one doesnʼt count (still love you though.)


This is my own personal favorite, Salah to United. Salah is majority of Liverpool fansʼ favorite player, and a model citizen off the field. Liverpool wouldnʼt be caught dead selling him to our biggest rivals. I get it thought, itʼs an easy link. United are always in transfer rumors, from Greizmann to Koulibaly to Harry Maguire to De Ligt to even Dybala. I think you get my point, theyʼre reportedly in for everyone, which goes back to my original statement. Itʼs so easy to just throw any fucking player thatʼs evenly remotely average and rumor them to go to United, itʼs so easy and itʼs dumb. Here, iʼll try it; “Dele Alli reportedly interested in going to United?!!??!” see, that was extremely easy and also plausible, so you see why every dumbass publication writes this bullshit.

Buffon shouldʼve retired before the PSG move, nothing screams ‘ruin my legacyʼ like a move to arguably the most hated club in europe. Now this? A link to Arsenal of all teams? This man is a living legend, one of the 5 greatest keepers of all time, and was at one point in the running for the GOAT keeper. However after chasing easy titles and money at PSG, heʼs looked at through a different light. But for him to go to a team that just lost 4-1 in the Europa League final, and will be back there next year and for the foreseeable future? Yeah thatʼs a big yikes, not possible. Sorry for the mini roast Arsenal fans.


I had to do a double take reading this one. The Suarez to the MLS isnʼt crazy, heʼs 32 and growing out of favor in Barcelona. James Rodriguez to Wolverhampton however, that took me by surprise. I tried looking this up and found a few reports but noting from a reputable site, but even those post some suspect rumors, so hell this report could be from some homeless crackhead, and itʼll be as reputable as half the shit reported by major publications.

Thatʼs just the tip of the bullshit transfer iceberg, so Iʼd love to hear your favorite bullshit transfer rumors! Big thanks to Brian, Cory, Cranjis and Garph from the discord for contributing. If youʼd like to be in the discord, PM me or @ me on twitter, my handle is @smittyboy8833. Love you guys.

Author: Logan Smith - 22, from Florida. Liverpool fan for 4 years now, also just a huge fan of the sport of football. You can find me on twitter @smittyboy8833